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  • On the regular Club meeting held in Holiday Inn hotel in Skopje, new member in our club family was accepted - is Frosina Geceva Kocova ...





  • Regular Club meeting was held on January 27th. The club members discussed about the future progrmme activities and goals for ...







Partizanski Odredi 70/
P.Box 798, 1000 Skopje

. (389 02) 3062 636
. (389 02) 3093 313


November 2012
Lecture by Dr. Guzhanova from the clinical center for a healthy food. After lecture donated cocktail by the President of the Club.

April 2012
Lecture from D-r Marga Foteva Adamova with subject: "Osteoporosis"

March 2007
Lecture from Mrs. Eva Oscarson with subject: "Poor and hungry in Africa"

February 2006
Professor D-r Elena Koseva held lecture in IIWC Skopje. Subject: "Harmfulness of smoking"

28 March 2006
Lecture about diabetes - Imunology system and Ekomer. D-r Sasho Delinikolov - pharmacy worker

29 November 2005
Lecture from the medicine - Influence of the external world on human health D-r Elizaveta Shtihova


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