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  • On the regular Club meeting held in Holiday Inn hotel in Skopje, new member in our club family was accepted - is Frosina Geceva Kocova ...





  • Regular Club meeting was held on January 27th. The club members discussed about the future progrmme activities and goals for ...







Partizanski Odredi 70/б
P.Box 798, 1000 Skopje

Тел. (389 02) 3062 636
Факс. (389 02) 3093 313


International Inner Wheel links together members in Clubs in countries from Europe to Africa, India, the Philippines, Australia, New Zeland, The United States of America and Canada – to name but a few.

Memebers are able to communicate with one another through correspondence, exchange visits, and joining together in international projects. Presidental tours bring members closer together as they learn of Inner Wheel activities in vastly different territories. Clubs give service in their own community as well as looking beyond their national boundaries.

In order to appreciate fully the strenght and traditions of Inner Wheel, one must of course, look back to the inspiration, devotion and vision of our Founder President and those who have given such fine leadership over the years.



Анета Антова - Пешева
President 2014-2015

Marija Fukarova - Jurukovska
PhD, Charter President

Роса Митреска
Vice - President


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