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  • On the regular Club meeting held in Holiday Inn hotel in Skopje, new member in our club family was accepted - is Frosina Geceva Kocova ...





  • Regular Club meeting was held on January 27th. The club members discussed about the future progrmme activities and goals for ...







Partizanski Odredi 70/
P.Box 798, 1000 Skopje

. (389 02) 3062 636
. (389 02) 3093 313

Inner Wheel Club after every meeting held in the restoraunt of the hotel Karpos, helds private meetings on which the birthdays are beeing celebrated of the members in the current mounth.

For about an hour and sometimes maybe more we talk about thing from our private life, about the successes of our family members, graduations, marrages, successes on the sport field and so on. We also talk about our visits in foreign countries.
On 8 of March we celebrated the day of the woman in the club restoraunt Den I Nok. The atmosphere was good and we had a great night
In the restoraunt Anja on the banks of river Vardar we had lunch to celebrate one year from the beginning of the International Inner Wheel Club of Skopje.
In beautiful atmosphere we had lunch on the 8 of March in the restoraunt of our club member Iskra Frckovska. It was fun.
In the restoraunt Anja we celebrated the day when we were accepted in the majority of International Inner Wheel Clubs. The day was 21.04.2006. We had a great time.
In the restoraunt Um Zina we celebrated the aniversary of our Charter. We had a great time

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