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  • On the regular Club meeting held in Holiday Inn hotel in Skopje, new member in our club family was accepted - is Frosina Geceva Kocova ...





  • Regular Club meeting was held on January 27th. The club members discussed about the future progrmme activities and goals for ...







Partizanski Odredi 70/á
P.Box 798, 1000 Skopje

Òåë. (389 02) 3062 636
Ôàêñ. (389 02) 3093 313

International INNER WHEEL Club of Skopje - CURRICULUM VITAE

05.03.1961, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
at work: “Madona 95” Export-Import Veljko Vlahovic str. no. 3, 1000 Skopje
at home: Stobi str. no. 6,No 33a, Zlokucani complex, 1000 Skopje
+389 2 3117 150, fax. +389 2 3117 150
Home: +389 2 30 90 920
2011 PhD - Doctor of Etnology and Anthropology, University St. Cyril and Methodius - Faculty of Etnology and Antropology, Skopje
2001-04 Master of Business administration - Executive, The University of Sheffield, city Liberal Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece
1981-87 Bachelor of Science - History of Art with Archaeology; University of St. Cyril and Methodius - Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje
1977-81 High School J. B. Tito, Skopje
Other training, conferences and seminars:
2014 Seminar for menaging stress: scientifically proven techniques and strategies for menagig stress, M6 Educatinal Centre, Skopje
2013 Seminar for supporting talent during times of change, M6 Educational Centre, taught by Leslie Szamozi PhD, Skopje
2011 Seminar “Maximazing Consumer Value”, M6 Educational Centre, Skopje
2010 Seminar “Managing Human Talent”, M6 Educational Centre, Skopje
2010 Seminar “Cross-Cultural Communication Skills”, M6 Educational Centre, Skopje
2009 Seminar “The Enterprice of the Future”, M6 Educational Centre, Skopje
2008 Seminar “Changes in the Global Geostrategic Environment”, M6 Educational Centre, Skopje
2007 Seminar on Interaction and Teamworking, M6 Educational Centre, skopje
2007 Conference “Dialoque between civilization”, Ohrid
2006-07 Getering conference for dialoque between different religions, Berlin
2001 Central and Eastern European Economic Summit, Slazburg, Austria
2000 Training in Business Language, The Swan School of English, Oxford, UK
1999 Central and eastern European Economic Summit, Slazburg, Austria
1999 Partners in transition, Warsaw, Poland
1999 Rebuilding South East Europe Economic & Business Summit, Thessaloniki, Greece
1996 English Language Course, The Swan Shool of English, Oxford, UK
1994 English Language Course, The Swan Shool of English, Oxford, UK
Membership and Appointments in Professional Organizations, Societies and Institutions:
2008 - Slow Food Fondation, Member
2005 - Inervil club, Member
2003 - AmCham Macedonia, Member
2002 - AID Artisan, US AID supported project, Member
1992- Member of the Association of Art Critics, Macedonia
1991 - National Association of Applied Arts Artists Group of Art
Historian Reviewer
Language & Degree of proficiency:
Macedonian - mother language
English - excellent
Greek and several Slavic languages - fluent
Computer Skills:
Experience in: Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Browser
Experience in: Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Browser
2006 – 2011 Owner of wine restaurant “Nana”
2004 - 2006 Lector in New York University, History odf art II
1996 - present General Menager of “Madona 95” Export - Import
Menagment Consulting and Education Centre
Name of organization:
“Madona 95” Export - Import, Private Ownership
Description of organization:
Export- Import of art goods and paintings, porcelain, antiques and unique goods. Whole-selling trough an own warehouse and retail selling trough chain of four stores. Company is General Agent of four German and Austrian Companies: Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther, WMF, Villeroy&Boch and main distributor for “Thomas Sabo” “Madona 95” is Mother Company of “M.B.A. - Art” registered in Villach - Austria.
Current duties:
Responsible for all company taken major actions in planning, organizing and control of business processes; Recognizing authentic of antiques and art paintings and issuing certificates of origin; writing art review notices and main curator for exhibitions
Previous Organization:
“Bezisten” Art Gallery, Skopje
Position: 1988-1996 Menaging Director of “Bezisten” Art Gallery
Other Professional Activities:
2001-2003 Main Columnist for “Tea Moderna” weekly magazine
2005-2008 Main Columnist for “Life” monthly magazine
Achivements and Rewards:
2008 Awards for Woman Menager of the Year
2007-08-10 Certificate for basic seminar in human and universal energy
2004 Certificate of apperecation in support of demogratic values - Embassy of USA
2001 Certificate for business and office wrok, By M6 Educatinal Centre
1998 Awards for Woman Menager of the Year
Sport and hobbies:
Swimming (junior national championship - 3rd place); Tennis (senior team member TK JUG); Skiing; playing Piano.

International Inner Wheel Club Of Skopje. Copyright Inner Wheel - Skopje 2006